From the Ford to the Bridge: Sponsor me

Oh hi,

In a fit of inanity I have signed up to cycle from one inferior institution to its better on the 30th of April.
The other place to the bubble.
The Bodleian to the UL.
The Isis (no not that one) to the Cam.
[If you’re still struggling: Oxford to Cambridge]

It’s 80miles. I have never ever cycled that far before. Expect me to continuously live-post the amount of pain my bum and legs are in.

Why? Because Pembroke would like to help raise the funds to sponsor an MPhil Studentship for a gifted Refugee.

If you’d like to donate you can do so here on the Dean’s (he’s the lovely man on the weird lay down bike) just giving page here:

I may be inclined to buy you a pint if I’m still alive after…

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