Pembroke Public Understanding Poster Competition

Academic posters are usually a bit too dull for my liking (as much as I try to inject colour into them). Pembroke College, Cambridge hosts a Public Understanding Poster Competition to showcase graduate research to the college benefactors. Since this is one of the few times that I get to aim a poster at a truly ‘lay’ audience (those with no scientific background, as opposed to the usual “very clever biologists”) I thought I’d have a little more fun than usual with my science outreach… (click for a larger PDF version)

College Benefactors Poster

Click for PDF

This is genuinely the toned down version. I’m sure the College, Department and Medical Research Council will approve of my efforts.

One thought on “Pembroke Public Understanding Poster Competition”

  1. Li says:

    Oh Jesus that is psychedelic! đŸ˜›

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