Employ Me

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to apply for the role of [analytical / consulting position] at [pharmaceutical / technology / financial company].

Please find attached the most recent copy of my my LinkedIn profile.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and I look forward to being invited to the interview stage.

Yours faithfully,

Craig Burns


Well hello there! I have decided to arrange my exit from my PhD program with a MPhil qualification. There are a number of factors behind this decision, but cheifly I have realised that being a career academic would not be a good personal fit, nor would it be practical in terms of location.

To that end, I am on the job hunt and would like to put my analytical and enquiring mind to use. I have previous experience of consulting on clinical trail development, drug marketing, drug licencing and biotech mergers and acquisitions. These were positions I very much enjoyed and I would like to find a similar role. I also have a strong techy side and would also be interested in a role putting technical solutions into practice. In my presidentship of a Cambridge college student union I have found it an interesting challenge and quite fun communicating between a number of different groups to try and advance policy and implement change while keeping everyone happy.

If you’d like to headhunt me, you’re very welcome to get in touch. If you’re viewing this because you’re researching an application I’ve made: Hello there! Invite me for an interview, I’m sure I’ll convince you I’m competent and,¬†hopefully, we’ll also get on (I find this a very important part of working environments).

Anyway, plenty of research, emails and laundry to do. I look forward to hearing from you.


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