What I’m Reading: News Subscriptions

I’ve been doing a bunch of job interviews lately, and it’s been quite useful to have an awareness about what’s going on in the commercial world in general as well as in specialised areas (healthcare). Below is a list of some of the mailing lists and sources I’ve found particularly useful and some have referral links too 😉

Bright Network Commercial Awareness Update

A weekly newsletter from a job board. Useful as it has very easy to understand explanations of the most important commercial events in the UK and discusses possible implications.


Billed as financial news ‘for our generation’ gives a nice summary of key financial events happening across the world, their implications, and what it means to an average person. I’m a big fan of this one, and they usually include a quote and an answer to a reader submitted question at the bottom. Based in Ireland so more europe-centric.


More focused on tech and business. Interesting analsysis of key brands, however it sometimes comes off as trying too hard. Also USA centric.


A weird one. It doesn’t make any sense if you skim read it. It’s more of ‘look how stupid this graph is’ and ‘here’s link to an interesting article’, but it does have some occasional gems. USA centric.

A lot of their business models seem to feed off there being too much news to ever be able to keep up yourself, which is very true. However I disapprove of the marketing suggesting it as a super weapon to get ahead of the game… Useful, but not game changing unless you’re especially ignorant of the news.

For healthcare related items I have email subscriptions to FierceBiotech and FiercePharma. For science,I have subscriptions to the top impact journals and some niche ones related to my work. I’ll soon probably have RSS feeds with adaptable search terms depending on the topic of different projects I end up working on.

Let me know if there’s any more I should sign up for!

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