About Me

I’m Craig, I’m currently researching memory and addiction at the Univerity of Cambridge. I also did my undergrad at Cambridge and separated my degrees with a year in the ‘real world’ as a Business and Healthcare Analyst. Now I’m looking for analytical and consulting roles in pharma, tech and finance.

Best contacted by email (craigpburns@gmail.com) or twitter.


Not as professional

My studies are looking into inhibiting cellular reconsolidation as a therapy for maladaptive disorders and the effect of manipulating prediction error signals. Or: I’m looking to erase the memories that make drug use addictive. I’ll let you know how that goes!

President of the Pembroke College Graduate Parlour.

Burgeoning knowledge of python, php and css. Hopefully Ruby on Rails too.

Expect posts to be exceptionally sporadic, either when I’m not busy (rarely) or exceptionally excited about something.